History and Purpose

The Department of History of the Federal University of Ouro Preto (UFOP) was created in 1980, when the Institute of Human and Social Sciences (ICHS) was established. It is the third academic unit of UFOP. Since its instalation, it has been characterized by the diversified institutional origins of its Faculty and by its close links with research. Thus, already in its first moments, DEHIS (History Department) sought to consolidate itself pursuing an excellence Graduate Course. The support and encouragement of the Bachelor in History, the commitment to the training of History professionals trained to produce it and not merely to repeat it, were the basic motivation that led to the "Historical Research Laboratory" creation since the first phase of DEHIS deployment. This research center developed and developes several activities and, at a time when it was not easy to obtain scientific initiation scholarships, it sought to carry resources within the institution itself, aiming at the indispensable training of the Department students. The results were soon transformed into the production of several "Bachelor's Monographs", which is an additional requirement for the Bachelor's Degree in History and records the results of a research activity. DEHIS also promotes the LPH Revista em História publication, which has a national editorial body, wide to any participants and has published articles, annals and other works of great significance, in its thirteenth issue.The participation of scholarship students in the journal's production process has been another source of academic enrichment for our undergraduate students.


All of it were decisive for CAPES's approval in November 2006 of the DEHIS / UFOP Academic Master's Degree in History. Contribute to the best qualification of human resources in the Humanities and Social Sciences area; To train professors to work in college education and in institutions linked to research and / or to preservation of memories, both public and private; To deepen professional and academic knowledge as well as enable the development of the ability to perform historical research. To assist in the implementation of public policies related to the areas of research, preservation of historical and cultural heritage; Improve undergraduate education through qualified Faculty training and research incentive; To disseminate the academic production produced both in the specific scope of the postgraduate program and the one produced in other research centers in Brazil and abroad; To be a space for agglutination of researchers, Brazilians and foreigners.